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Inhabitants: 1.450
Altitude: 530 m above s.l.

Episcopia was originally a Norman, Swabian and Angevin feud, then is passed on to the Sanseverino family first, Vencislao later. In the 16th century it turned from earldom to marquisate; in the 19th century the fief was, however, dismembered, and sold to landowners. It still brims with one of the most beautiful architectural, religious, civil and rural heritages of the country. Interesting to visit are: Convent and Church of S. Antonio, Sanctuary of S. Maria del Piano, Mother Church of S. Nicola, Church of Our Lady of Sorrows, S. Rocco’s Church, feudal Castle, palaces. Splendid natural spots: Piana di S. Maria, woodland in the Cornale district, Miretta’s springs, Tarantola and Serrituro.



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