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The Pollino Park, with its variety of ecosystems, represents an extraordinary wilderness area worth discovering: a place made up of many places, combining wild and unspoiled nature with environments rich in history, culture and folk traditions.

In addition, the varied morphology of the Pollino with its dolomite ridges, inaccessable forests, and vertiginous canyons carved by raging rivers and streams allows outdoor tourism and sports enthusiasts unique and unforgettable experiences such as trekking and rafting, canyoning and canyoning, climbing and free climbing, mountain biking and equestrian tourism.

A real outdoor gym that the Pollino National Park is able to offer and propose all year round, where visitors can not only find the activities that suit them best but also learn about a heritage of inestimable cultural, scenic and natural value.

This is the Pollino: a protected area among the richest in biodiversity on the planet that gives everyone unique emotions.

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