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Pollino National Park
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A unique stage where the wonderful backdrop of nature bewitches the viewer among breathtaking landscapes and majestic peaks. Here the sacred Patriarchs dominate, tenacious and silent memory of a thousand-year history.

The 192,565-hectare Pollino National Park is the largest newly established protected area in Italy. Between Calabria and Basilicata, the park's territory -which includes 56 municipalities - is characterized by several mountain massifs that make up the southern Apennine chain: the Pollino Massif, the Orsomarso Mountains and Alpi Mount. Here, among lofty peaks, Nature and Man intertwine millennia-old relationships that the Park, established in 1993, preserves and protects under its symbol: the Loricate Pine (Pinus heldreichii).

In 2015 the Park became part of the European and Global Network of Geoparks under the aegis of UNESCO, which, in 2017 and 2021 respectively, included the Vetusta Faggeta of Cozzo Ferriero and the Vetusta Faggeta of Pollinello in the Transnational Site of "Ancient Primordial Beech Forests of the Carpathians and other regions of Europe," proclaiming them World Heritage Sites.

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Pollino Global Geopark

The 75 geosites in the Park area represent an inestimable landscape and environmental value, the starting point of the area's extraordinary biodiversity and great historical, anthropological and cultural richness.
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Bike paths Park Calabria

545 km of authentic wonder in the heart of the Calabria Parks
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Sports and activities

Trekking, rafting, cross-country skiing, horse riding, cycling, adventure trails and more
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Trail maps

The official Park trail map available at authorised points of sale
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Unesco World Heritage beech forests

Discover the beech forests of the Pollino World Natural Heritage Site

Park Ecomuseum

The ecomuseum in Rotonda presents the entire heritage of the Pollino, its natural landscape and culture
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Visit Pollino

Many concessions and discounts that the Park Authority offers to tourists and visitors


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The Pollino National Park is waiting for you

Discover the immense natural and cultural landscape of a protected area over 190,000 hectares wide, with 56 municipalities within it, located on the Calabrian-Lucanian Apennine ridge overlooking the two seas, Ionian and Tyrrhenian.
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