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Inhabitants: 4.773
Altitude: 888 m above s.l.

Its origins are uncertain, what we know is that it was a fief of the Sanseverino family, then it passed on to the Corcione family, and to Jesuits. In the end it became property of the State. The citizens have been devoted to S. Giles from the 18th century, which is something that emerges clearly from local art, history and customs. Some of the places that are worth visiting are: San Cataldo’s Chapel (13th century), Church of S. Maria delle Grazie, S. Giles Church and S. Nicholas Church; Palazzo Arcieri and Palazzo Gioia. When it comes to nature, enchanting are the mineral water springs in La Calda, and the gigantic fish fossil in Solarino di Iannazzo, which dates back to 30 million years ago.



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