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Valentina Viola

The President is the legal representative of the Park Authority, coordinates its activities, performs the functions delegated to him by the Governing Council, takes urgent and undeferrable measures which he submits to the Governing Council for ratification at its following meeting.

He presides over the Governing Council and the Executive Council, coordinating their activities, and issues the acts expressly delegated to him by the laws, regulations and bylaws.
In addition, the President gives general directives to the Director for administrative action and management, and verifies the compliance of the results of administrative management with the general directives given.

As per the communication of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security, acquired in the records of the Entity with prot. 1355/2023, informing that Dr. Pappaterra's term of office has expired as of Jan. 31, 2023, the functions of the President are assigned to Vice President Lawyer Valentina Viola, pending the conduct of the procedure for the appointment of the new President, according to the provisions of Law 394/91.

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