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San Costantino Albanese

Inhabitants: 758
Altitude: 650 m above s.l.

This is one of the towns that still live the arbëreshë culture; it was perhaps founded by Koronai refugees from Greece. At the center there is one of the linguistic islands Albanian-speaking of the Park. If you visit, you won’t want to miss SS. Constantine and Helena’s Church, the Church of the Madonna della Stella, the Church of the Madonna delle Grazie and the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Conserva. The village is surrounded by beautiful forests (Farneta, Lanzatico and Sicileo) and springs (Covella, Acquafredda, Fontana del Duca). Typical is the celebration of the Madonna della Stella in May, with the lighting of the "nusazit" (costumed puppets).


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