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Inhabitants: 674
Altitude: 806 m above s.l.

Its origins are unknown. Some even say it was where the Pythagorean School was hosted in summer. What is known for sure is that Lombards have been here, and that Basilian monks built two monasteries. Teana was one of the fiefs of the Sanseverino family, then it passed on to the Missanellos, and the Donnapernas. In the 19th century, the Pious Institute of Loans and Savings for Workers and Farmers, and "La Sentinella" working company were founded to promote agriculture. Interesting to visit are: Church of the Madonna del Carmine, S. Cristofaro’s Chapel, the ruins of the Lombard fortress, Palazzo Lecce, Serra and Moreto woods. Carnival in Teana is also quite evocative.

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