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Francavilla in Sinni

Inhabitants: 4.249
Altitude: 421 m s.l.m.

Built between the 14th and the 15th century, today the town offers numerous places of historical and naturalistic interest: Sanctuary of the Madonna di Pompei, Church of SS. Felice and Policarpo, St. Anthony’s Chapel, St. Joseph’s Chapel, Chapel of the Assumption.Villa Viceconte (19th century) and the Certosa di S. Nicola (1395) also deserve a honorable mention. Enchanting are Bosco Rubbio natural reserve and Caramola and Avena woods, as well as all the crystal clear lakes (Viceconte, del Pesce, d'Erba) and the panoramic views (Palladoro, Monte Catarozzolo, Timpa Altosana).



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