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Calvera Apt

Inhabitants: 421
Altitude: 630 m above s.l.

The origins are uncertain: perhaps it has to do with the Basilian monks (9th-10th century) that, it seems, promoted the rural development of the town. From 15th to 18th century this small town was a fief of the Sanseverino family, only to be then given to the Donnaperna family. In 1875 a landslide destroyed part of the village and of the Mother Church, where interesting paintings that date back to 17th and 18th centuries are still preserved. S. Gaetano’s Chapel (18th century) is also worth visiting. S. Gaetano is the town’s patron. Other places that deserve a honorable mention are Palazzo Mazzilli and Palazzo Martinese-Mazzilli-Salerno. The surroundings offer a breathtaking panorama, accompanied by the sulfurous water spring in the Vallina district.



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