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Alessandria del Carretto

Inhabitants: 511
Altitude: 1.000 m above s.l.

It was a fief of the Marquis Alessandro Pignone del Carretto. Amongst other attractions, there are: St. Alexander’s Church, the remnants of St. Elijah’s Chapel; the remnants of Via Regia "Heraclea / via Popilia", the Chichidimo and Angiò palaces, the finca-fortresses, the mills and the ancient hydroelectric central (early 20th century). As for natural beauties, charming are: Mount Sparviere, Valle del Saraceno, springs and rivers. Every year one of the most evocative arboreal rituals in southern Italy is celebrated: the Festa dell'Abete. Another main event in Alessandria del Carretto is the celebration in honor of St. Alexander.



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