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Pino Loricato Nebbia Licenziata

Inhabitants: 9.409
Altitude: 150 m above s.l.

There are still traces of the Norman and Longobard occupations here, but also signs that Basilian monks resided in this burg. The most interesting places to visit here are: Church of S. Maria del Popolo, Church of the Madonna del Rosario (with the fresco that portrays St. Margherita da Cortona), Church of Our Lady of Grace, Church of SS. Crucifix, the Convent of the Capuchins (16th century), and the  Aragonese castle. In addition to the towers (of Paolo Emilio Emperor, Tirone) and the palaces (Granata, De Velutis, Spina, De Novellis, Leo), also badlands are particularly fascinating. The main event here is the sea-procession of the Madonna di Porto Salvo.

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