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Pino Loricato Nebbia Licenziata

Inhabitants: 22.383
Altitude: 362 m above s.l.

It is one of the most populous towns of the area. The first traces of a residential nucleus date back to the Lower Paleolithic (150,000 BC). Castrovillari has been a dominion of Normans, Swabians, Angevins and Aragonese, until in 1806 it was passed on to the Count of Cariati. Artistically and architecturally remarkable are the Church of S. Maria del Castello, surrounded by ancient hermit caves, S. Giuliano’s Church (1264), St. Francis’ Convent (1220), St. Joseph’s Church, and the extraordinary Aragonese Castle. A honorable mention goes to the natural beauties: Mount Pollino, Gola del Coscile). The main event is Carnival.

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