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Gole del Raganello, Civita

Inhabitants: 921
Altitude: 450 m above s.l.

It was built thanks to the Sanseverino family: in the 15th century they allowed Albanian refugees to live in the area. It is an Albanian-speaking territory. Upon visiting, one cannot miss: Church of Santa Maria Assunta (17th century), the ancient stone fountains (Kroi lat, Kroi ndë mest and Kroi qacës), the water mills, Filanda Filardi, which faces the Raganello river, the Raganello Gorges, which are surrounded by woods, Lake Pittelli, and Grimavolo stream. Main events are: the rites performed during the Holy Week and Easter, which are characterized by songs, dances and clothing that are typical of the arberëshë culture; Arbëreshë Ferragosto.


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