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Morano Calabro

Inhabitants: 4.608
Altitude: 694 m above s.l.

Morano Calabro was originally inhabited by Romans, and in the Middle Age it became a fief of the Morano family, only to then pass on to the Fuscaldos, the Sanseverino and the Spinellis. The ruins of the ancient castle date back to the Norman age. Religious buildings to visit are: the Collegiate Church of St. Peter and Paul (the oldest church of Morano), St. Nicholas’ Church, St. Bernardino’s Convent and Church, the Collegiate Church of St. Mary Magdalene, and the Convent of Collereto. As for landscapes, we have: Mount Pollino, Piano Ruggio, the Campotenese plain; the forests of Monaco, Pollinello and della Principessa are ideal destinations for nature lovers and excursions.


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