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San Basile

Inhabitants: 1.062
Altitude: 540 m above s.l.

The village’s name inevitably gives away its Basilian origins as well as the presence of the monastery of S. Basilio Craterere, around which the first residential nucleus developed. In the 15th century the arrival of Albanian refugees helped to increase population. The numerous religious buildings in San Basile are impossible to miss upon visiting: St. John the Baptist’s Church, Monastery of S. Maria Odigitria, the private chapels that belonged to the Bellizzi, Tamburi and "Don Cicillit" families. Sorgente della Fata is one of the most beautiful natural panoramas in San Basile. Amongst the most important events here there are the Procession of Kristos Anesti and the celebration in honor of S. Maria Odigitria.

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